WebM, Guadec, Live streaming

Yesterday Guadec started and thanks to Marc-Andre we had streaming machines in the Hague ready to stream the talks live to all those poor souls like me who couldn’t make it this year.

This year, we are streaming the conference talks in WebM and all seems to be going pretty well. We have had over 100 concurrent viewers watching the streams during yesterday’s talks and after a few initial configuration issues, the picture quality is now pretty decent. We integrated the live streaming of WebM support into the necessary GStreamer elements and into Flumotion over late night hours after the Google announcement of the WebM project. This has subsequently reached releases of GStreamer and a Flumotion stable release with the WebM and VP8 support in is undergoing QA for imminent release.

Something that got a little wrong in the press for the Guadec streaming and was too late to change because we devs noticed in the PR after it had already gone out to everyone was that it kind of made it look like Fluendo did the integration of VP8 and WebM into Flumotion. It is kind of true because Flumotion is in the Fluendo group, but it meant to say that Fluendo integrated WebM and VP8 into Moovida.

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    I just hope the talks are archived, I would love to see some that I missed and point people to mine.

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