Meego 1.0 for Netbooks

I bought an MSI Wind U130 a few weeks ago and was eagerly waiting for Meego 1.0. Today it got released and you can download it here. Just required writing the downloaded image onto a spare USB stick (I used the Nokia given 2GB microsd and reader from GCDS last year) and booting the netbook with that USB stick. Installation was seamless and worked a charm. All the hardware seems to work fine, bluetooth, wifi, usb etc. Twitter integration with updates on the frontpage is cool. I guess that must be done with libsocialweb. Question is: where is the Facebook and Flickr integration? It also fetches my Google Contacts and my Google calendars for the front screen integration. The IM integration is cool with Google talk, MSN and all the usual suspects there (except Skype). Facebook chat is there but it didn’t manage to login.

The default browser is Chrome (or Chromium depending on which image you download) but of course without WebM support currently. I tried bbc iplayer, which worked nicely and a few other sites.

I noticed a setting: Disable touchpad while typing. That is awesome, the amount of times I have inadvertently moved the mouse cursor while typing is crazily high.

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  1. Adrien Bustany Says:

    Facebook integration is not so simple from a legal point of view, because the information you download cannot be kept for more than a few days (except exceptions), and can’t be redistributed to other apps (so you can’t do a central Facebook sync service). Actually, the Facebook proxy recently disappeared from librest, which is the XML-RPC lib used by Moblin.

  2. Nick Says:

    As Adrien mentions, Facebook and Flickr are difficult for us to do from a licensing point of view. For flickr, an enterprising hacker could offer binaries of the code that exists, or help users make their own and for Facebook, well, I hope we’ll have some good-ish news soon.

    Glad you liked the IM stuff, we’ve spent a lot of time working with the telepathy and empathy guys to make that work and as for the trackpads – they’re the single worst hardware feature of netbooks – we’ve tried to make them as unfail as possible, but it’s a big job.

  3. Jussi Kukkonen Says:

    > as for the trackpads – they’re the single worst hardware feature of
    > netbooks – we’ve tried to make them as unfail as possible, but it’s a
    > big job.

    Amen to that. I’m really hoping netbook manufacturers would realise the error in their ways and copy the nipple from Lenovo. I can’t imagine a trackpoint being more expensive than a trackpad and it would free valuable vertical space for the keyboard on a small widescreen device..

  4. Gert Says:

    I tried Meego on my EEEPC 900A – all hardware devices worked fine (even when I switch wireless off/on, which in Ubuntu 9.10 still required some tinkering with the kernel – I didn’t test the webcam, though).

    The Meego desktop and its graphical design (!) are awesome. I’m tempted to use it instead of my trusted Gnome/Ubuntu.

    There is one thing I really don’t like: there is no way to change the keyboard layout/language without changing the interface language. That may be OK for people who use just one language…

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