N900 and Maemo5 playing vp8/webm live stream

On Wednesday, Google announced the WebM project.

On Friday, we got flumotion to stream vp8/webm live.Details on a previous blog post. On the weekend and today (Monday), I set up a live stream from a TV channel from DVB to output in vp8/vorbis/webm. Details on another previous blog post.

Tonight, I started building packages for Maemo 5 for getting vp8/WebM playback and encoding working on the Nokia N900. After a little work, I got it working such that putting the http url to playbin2 or passing it as a dbus message to the media player will make the N900 play the webm stream. I believe this is the first phone in the wild (outside of On2, Google and their partners) to play any kind of WebM/VP8/Vorbis and definitely the first phone to play a live WebM/VP8/Vorbis stream over http.

Pictures speak louder than words:

The packages needed are on the way to extras-devel, beware of enabling extras-devel in an N900. Packages there have not been QAd.  The packages are:

gstreamer0.10-mkv_0.10.16-0maemo5 gstreamer0.10-vp8

47 Responses to “N900 and Maemo5 playing vp8/webm live stream”

  1. Nathan Nutter Says:

    OT: Did you build Chromium from source or is there a .app available?

  2. admin Says:

    It is not chromium, i ran: gst-launch playbin2 uri= on the Terminal on the N900.

  3. jensh nong Says:


  4. joh Says:

    Well, playing the latest videos is not my main concern. But things like this are the reason, why I like the idea of an open phone that does not require a jailbreak, that allows to make things happen, that allows the people able to do it to do it and share the results.

    So, while I am not rushing up to download it: Congratulations that you have found the way to do it and thank you that you have shared it!

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  6. Toni Says:

    Is this also possible in other direction: Streaming from n900 (over 3g/wlan) to pc?

  7. admin Says:

    Toni, it is but I haven’t profiled the vp8 encoder to see what resolution i can do realtime on the n900

  8. Aldon Hynes Says:

    Brilliant! I loaded the vp8 codec (apt-get install gstreamer0.10-vp8) and then I ran gst-launch from my N900

    gst-launch playbin2 uri=

    With that, I watched SkyNews for a while, which is what was streaming at the time. I plugged the N900 into the television and it worked very nicely that way as well.

    Do you know of any other webm streams worth testing?

  9. bhholly Says:

    Have you permanently dropped your support and updating of Zoutube? This app for N900 hasn’t worked properly for months. It won’t download, the “most recent” menu selection doesn’t work at all, and the other menu categories show the same videos from months ago, so do not appear to actually be working either. If no longer supported, perhaps you should remove it from Maemo.org to save others from wasting more time trying it.

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  12. Syed Sajid Ali Says:

    Zoutube is no more working on N900, is that true sir?

  13. ScottJ Says:

    zoutube hasn’t worked on my n900 for a while either. I’m thinking it hasn’t worked since the pr1.2 update… but I’m not possitive.

    I don’t use the category links… only search. It pulls up videos, but when I select one, there’s no download button — it never plays.

  14. Amar Says:

    I don’t think something like gstreamer0.10-vp8 exist till today……..!!!!!

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