More exciting live streaming from Flumotion with vp8 and webm

So a test pattern is pretty boring and a screenshot of it in even more boring. I have now setup a test stream which is streaming a TV channel from the Astra 28.2 satellite with DVB. So here it is, try it in your WebM enabled browser. That means Opera beta or Firefox Developer Preview and not Chrome/Chromium because of a bug in their implementation.

Page showing test live stream

6 Responses to “More exciting live streaming from Flumotion with vp8 and webm”

  1. Sebastian Dröge Says:

    Good work and works great in epiphany too :)

  2. pdfan Says:

    great work! now it works in the webm firefox but not smooth enough, so pre-fetch and cache might need for the browser’s player.

  3. admin Says:

    yes, the low (or non-adaptive) amount of buffering in Firefox is noticable on this kind of bitrate.

  4. Olek Says:

    Works here in 10.60 on Debian Unstable i386 with just installed libvpx and gstreamer (from Debian repository). This is so nice.

  5. David Walker Says:

    Live streaming is great and it is only going to become more popular over the next few years! I really hope you managed to overcome the Chrome issues.

    David Walker

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