Using GStreamer-python in Maemo 5 on N900

Yesterday lunchtime I wrote a simple GStreamer app in python to run on the N900 with the video embedded in a widget inside the app. I committed it inside gst-python git inside the folder examples. It just does videotestsrc ! videoscale ! ximagesink. It could have been videotestsrc ! xvimagesink but I wanted to grab a screenshot.

Code (with comments):

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  1. Benjamin Otte Says:

    It could be videotestsrc ! ximagesink – videotestsrc can resize after all. :p

  2. admin Says:

    Good point, whoops! Hey it works :)

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    […] E, para garantir que isso continue acontecendo, a turma continua trabalhando, melhorando o suporte a Ogg, portando widgets para o Fremantle e explicando aos outros como usar Gstreamer com Python. […]

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