Istanbul and Guadec

Dave, saying I was at Istanbul for a Liverpool fan is more like saying I was at the 5th Guadec not the 1st Guadec for a Gnome hacker 😉

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  2. Christian Says:


    Will you be making an app for controlling the Spykee WIFI with the N900 ?, that would be VERY COOL if that would be availeable.

    Best regards from.


  3. Aaz Says:

    Great job! .., the lasts weeks I was looking for some way to speed up fniillg a Gtk.Listview, but I found only some workarounds for C.I think this is a great achievement for Gtk#, something that needed to be done.At this time.., I’m using a Gtk.Treeview and fniillg it up to 90.000 sqlite retrieved records, obviously it takes several seconds..I’ll keep an eye on your work, for sure it will be useful for others applications that need to deal with large amount of datasets.thanks!Best, Pedro Guridi

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