GStreamer port to S60

So I spent some time on the weekend porting GStreamer to S60. Using Martin’s excellent instructions on how to build for S60 on Linux.

Symbian have thankfully ported some libraries (though with caveats) to S60 for ease of porting “OSS” code. In their “OpenC” sdk, they have glib (including gobject, gmodule, gthread etc.), libpthread, libc and a few others. This has of course made the port to S60 possible.

A few hurdles have been the lack of poll(), glib being old (2.10), having to include and to have some definitions for which there is no mention in the docs.

I have got libgstreamer and libgstbase compiled (though I have put them in same lib). I have compiled the core elements: fakesrc, fakesink, pushsrc, typefind, filesrc, filesink, fdsrc, fdsink, capsfilter, tee, queue, multiqueue but I currently have the error in linking that it cannot find the libgstreamer dso.

Once I get an app compiled that does fakesrc ! fakesink, I will start putting up a git branch of my stuff.

4 Responses to “GStreamer port to S60”

  1. Anthony Batchelor Says:

    Rock on…

  2. Jonas Says:

    Most excellent dude!

  3. Arne Fossaa Says:

    Is this project still live/do you have a git repository anywhere? Would love to build further on it.

  4. Ramesh Prasad Says:


    Have you put your code anywhere? Can I access it?


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