DVB-C support in GStreamer and Totem

So thanks to Christian Schaller, who bought a DVB-C card and allowed me access to his laptop, I committed support for DVB-C in GStreamer and Totem. So now just ATSC to go.

Christian blogged about this earlier.

4 Responses to “DVB-C support in GStreamer and Totem”

  1. Pete Says:

    Awesome! Are there plans for a new gst-plugins-bad release so this hits distributions?

  2. admin Says:

    Pete, next release is mid april.

  3. xcc Says:

    i played DVB-T on totem.
    i clicked “adapter 0″ on menu, and wait…
    After few seconds the playback starts but is jerky (about 2 secs between each frame) and no audio.
    is there some mistakes on my install process?
    or is there some dependence between some packages??

  4. don Says:

    Do you still need an atsc box? I have a box that has an atsc card and have both atsc and qam sources

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