Screencasting and Istanbul

Before, during and after Guadec 2006, I have had the pleasure of discussing Istanbul and what direction it should take. Quim, Mirco have made some very good points which I do plan on taking on board.

Regarding Quim’s latest blog entry, I will go through his points and expand on my plans for those points.

  • Simple Installation: This is a distribution issue, but I do plan to work closely with packagers from the main distributions to make sure there are working and well integrated packages. Anyone willing to package Istanbul for an OS/distribution, please get in touch.
  • Simple Graphical Interface: I would love people to come up with mockups of the right click menu for the notification area including things like disabling sound and options to select area of screen. Also mock ups for the preferences dialog would be cool. .glade files designed by gazpacho or similar would be evern better.
  • Optional Window Select: I love the selector of byzanz and was thinking about extracting it’s widget and using it for deciding what part of the screen to select. Usability wise, would it be better to have the user just select the window he wants to screencast or be able to draw an area on the screen that he wants captured?
  • Sound Recording: This is extremely important, in my opinion and will get time put into it.
  • Output Formats: I do not believe in supporting non-free formats. However I am fine to add an export option so that the file could be transcoded with an extranal transcoder or a transcoding plugin to other non-free formats.
  • Post Production: I have talked with Edward “PiTiVi” Hervey and we both want to see PiTiVi to be used as a post production tool for screencasts. I started a wiki page here for what is needed PiTiVi-wise to do screencast post-production. Feel free to add comments and more requirements to it.

Also please do file bugs in Bugzilla with feature requests, existing bugs and feedback especially on user experience.

By the way, thank you Quim and all the volunteers at this year’s Guadec. It was awesome.

How can I not mention football in a blog post. I will leave you with an interesting observation. I have so far incorrectly predicted every result this world cup. So, tonight France will win!

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